Services and Process

The Anchorage Care Management offers a range of A la Carte services, as well as Care Packages to best serve you and your loved ones. Both service types start with an Initial Assessment and an Individualized Care Plan.

Billing and Fees
The Anchorage offers both Flat Fee Packages as well as services at an hourly rate. Some fees are required up front, such as for Professional Assessments and Consultations. Others are billed the month after services are rendered. Contact Lynne to discuss recommendations for your unique situation.

A la Carte

A la Carte services are specific choices billed on an hourly basis after the Initial Assessment. They are helpful for those wishing to “try out” Care Management before choosing a package, or who simply prefer to be billed by the hour.

Free Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a 20-30 minute screening process (usually via phone) between the care manager and the concerned party or “referent”. During this call, the care manager will listen and ask questions to gain an overview of the situation, including the needs and issues of the senior and their family.

Extended Consultations

Professional consultations beyond the initial screening can be arranged on an hourly fee basis. This is ideal for those seeking more in-depth information on a specific topic or simply to review our services “in person”. Contact us regarding fees and scheduling.

Comprehensive Assessment

Usually conducted in the senior’s residence; the assessment gathers information about the health, medications, medical providers, social/emotional, environmental and cognitive status of the senior and can be arranged so visiting family members may be present.  The assessment lays an important foundation for ongoing assistance. Special rates are available to assess two individuals, such as a married couple, during the same visit.

Community Resource Referral

Often includes; but is not limited to: caregiver support, home care/hospice, skilled nursing/therapy, social activities, residential options, mental health,  financial/legal referrals, and Veterans Benefits. Aging Life Care Managers™ are adept at identifying and accessing community resources that will enhance the overall care of the senior.

Ongoing Care Management

After the assessment, ongoing care management is often the next step to improve and ensure the health and safety of the senior and as a result, provide support to the senior’s family. These services typically include, but are not limited to: regular home visits, accompanying the senior to medical appointments, coordinating/communicating/advocating with medical providers; placing appropriate caregivers; transition/placement assistance and regular communication with the senior’s family.

“On call” for emergencies or vacation is an option as part of an ongoing contract.

Concierge Services

For Care Management clients who have already entered a Service Agreement, The Anchorage can offer the following helpful services: e.g. shopping for personal or household items, snacks or pet supplies; pick up/delivery of prescription or OTC medications; ordering of goods/services online; mailing packages or letters; arranging hair or nail appointments, social activities with friends or visits to local senior centers or museums. This is particularly valuable for those care partners living out of the area and is offered at a lower hourly rate.

Care Packages

We offer four distinct care packages to simplify the care management process for our clients and their families. Each option includes an initial assessment after first payment is received. For all options: EMERGENCY and AFTER HOURS ON-CALL are not included, but can be added.

A) Families In Transition (FIT)

Recommended for

Families who live locally or out of town and need short-term help transitioning their loved one from one living situation to another.

Families in transition

Primary Purpose

To obtain support via a local representative who will assist with all aspects of their loved one’s move; ensuring all details are handled and coordination occurs with all parties.

Examples of Services included (FIT)

  • Coordination with senior living community or acute care facility
  • Gathering & delivery of necessary documentation to new residence
  • Referrals to medical providers and other services
  • Arranging moving of furniture, medical equipment & personal items to new home
  • Communication with key family members
Contact for Pricing

B) Long-distance Care Partner (LDC)

Recommended for

Family care partners who live out of the area and want to be certain their loved one gets to all medical appointments and receives proper care.

Care Packages

Primary Purpose

To give the LDC partner peace of mind knowing their loved one has a local advocate checking on them and looking out for their best interest.

Examples of Services included (LDC)

  • Weekly or bi-weekly welfare visits*
  • Accompanying client to medical visits*
  • Communication with the client’s key care partner
  • Coordination with community resources
  • Troubleshooting issues as they arise
Contact for Pricing

*Frequency of visits TBD after initial assessment. In-person visits are optimal, but may be substituted by video or phone calls, depending on current COVID-19 recommendations and client preferences.

C) Local Family Care Partner (LFC)

Recommended for

“The Sandwich Generation” or spousal care partners who are doing all they can for their loved one, but may be approaching “burn-out” due to the stress of additional responsibilities.

Local Family Care Partner (LFC)

Primary Purpose

To provide extra support for the LFC Partner so they can take breaks and free up time for other responsibilities. The LFC Partner will receive extra support and advocacy for their loved one which makes their job easier.

Examples of Services included (LFC)

  • Weekly or bi-weekly contact with LFC partner and loved one*
  • Scheduling medical appointments and accompanying client if needed*
  • Referring and setting up home care and/or respite services
  • Coordination with community resources
  • Troubleshooting issues as they arise
  • Overseeing all services to ensure the client and LFC are receiving optimal support.
Contact for Pricing

*Frequency of visits TBD after initial assessment. In-person visits are optimal, but may be substituted by video or phone calls, depending on current COVID-19 recommendations and client preferences.

D) Life Care Planning (LCP)

Recommended for

Relatively healthy adults desiring to plan ahead for future needs. Appropriate for individuals or couples who have no children or who prefer not to involve family members in their planning.

Life Care Planning (LCP)

Primary Purpose

To receive professional guidance for the client’s future health, housing, and financial needs.

Examples of Services included (LCP)

  • Gathering information regarding health, finances and insurance plans.*
  • Discussions on End of Life wishes/preferences
  • Help completing Advanced Directives for Health Care such as Living Wills & Health Care Power of Attorney.
  • Guidance around housing preferences, health issues and the resources needed to meet those needs.
  • Referrals to community resources such as Elder Law attorneys, Financial Planners, and Senior Communities.
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*Meetings may be held either in-person or video conferencing, depending on current COVID-19 recommendations and client preferences.