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Services and Process

Free Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a 20-30 minute screening process (usually via phone) between the care manager and the concerned party or “referent”. During this call, the care manager will listen and ask questions to gain an overview of the situation, including the needs and issues of the senior and their family.

Extended Consultations

Professional consultations beyond the initial screening can be arranged on an hourly fee basis. This is ideal for those seeking more in-depth information on a specific topic or simply to review our services “in person”. Contact us regarding fees and scheduling.

Comprehensive Assessment

Usually conducted in the senior’s residence; the assessment gathers information about the health, medications, medical providers, social/emotional, environmental and cognitive status of the senior and can be arranged so visiting family members may be present.  The assessment lays an important foundation for ongoing assistance. Special rates are available to assess two individuals, such as a married couple, during the same visit. 

Community Resource Referral

Often includes; but is not limited to: caregiver support, home care/hospice, skilled nursing/therapy, social activities, residential options, mental health,  financial/legal referrals, and Veterans Benefits. Professional care managers are adept at identifying and accessing community resources that will enhance the overall care of the senior.

Ongoing Care Management

After the assessment, ongoing care management is often the next step to improve and ensure the health and safety of the senior and as a result, provide support to the senior’s family. These services typically include, but are not limited to: regular home visits, accompanying the senior to medical appointments, coordinating/communicating/advocating with medical providers; placing appropriate caregivers; transition/placement assistance and regular communication with the senior’s family.

“On call” for emergencies or vacation is an option as part of an ongoing contract.