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Safe and reliable help

There are many challenges we face during the aging process. Often, family members live a great distance away from their loved ones who may be struggling with health issues or memory loss. Some family members bear the burden of day to day care while others try to stay informed far away. The senior often feels confused, anxious, and vulnerable while their adult children may feel stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Naturally, resentment and misunderstandings can occur among family members.

The Anchorage Care Management is here for you. Acting as a liaison between the senior and their family, a licensed social worker and certified geriatric care manager will help you manage the ups and downs of the aging process. She will identify, manage and coordinate the life needs of the senior so you can focus on your relationship as spouse, daughter, son or nephew.

The word Anchorage means a place within a harbor to safely anchor. It also means something that can be relied on. It is our goal to provide this safety and reliability to you and your loved ones.

Why a Care Manager?

A professional care manager is a health or human services professional trained and experienced in senior care.  They are the person who is going to come up with options and alternatives for things that nobody would have thought of before. They see issues before they arrive and know what to put in place to prevent things from happening. They are often described as the “cog” of the wheel that keeps the “spokes” moving in the same direction on behalf of the senior and their family. They become the primary point of contact between the senior and busy family members trying to navigate a complex health system. A professional geriatric care manager is there to offer support, advice, knowledge and consistent “hands on” assistance along the way. They will become your “boots on the ground”.

During a national survey of family members utilizing Geriatric Care Managers, they felt their Care Manager told them things no one else would mention, and these were serious things that needed to be talked about. The Care Manager was their friend, advisor and coach; and they valued their expertise and support.

Last paragraph source: NAPGCM Branding Interviews and Focus Groups 2014

How do we start?

Beginning with a free 15-30 minute phone consultation, the Care Manager will listen to your concerns and advise “next steps” based on your unique situation. Depending on your circumstances, an initial assessment may be recommended. Through means of this comprehensive assessment, the Care Manager will obtain important history and current information about your loved one. Recommendations will be made based on the Care Manager’s observations and information obtained during the assessment.

After the initial assessment, ongoing Care Management may be recommended with a care plan and a contract for services entered at that time.

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